WeWheel Kinsale - eBike Tours & Games

Explore the very best of Kinsale on an Electric Bike. Get off the beaten path, away from the hustle bustle and get that heart rate pumping!

The Guided eBike Tour of Kinsale has been thoughtfully crafted by seasoned local tour guides to ensure your journey is filled with local stories, history, and enjoyment. Granting you access to parts of the local area that are unreachable by car/bus and in a time that is nearly impossible by foot.

Our intelligent helmets function as walkie-talkies, allowing you to converse with your companions and guide while riding through built-in microphones and speakers.

Key highlights of the Guided eBike Tour of Kinsale include: Charles Fort, Kinsale Museum, Kinsale Harbour, and many more points of interest that promise an enriching experience.

Live Local Guide
Experienced Live Guide
Max 10 Guests Per Tour
Top Quality eBike
Walkie-Talkie Helmets
Town Center Start/Finish Location